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Mahan Yoga: College to Employ Your Soul 

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

March - November 2022

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Don Francis

Ong Kar Dev Kaur, Lead Trainer

(Jenn Mercier)

Ong Kar Dev will lead you through a comprehensive, nourishing training that will prepare you to effectively and confidently teach Kundalini Yoga. Whether you plan on teaching or not this course allows for a deep exploration of this potent yogic science. Ideal for curious Hatha teachers, the dedicated Yogi or any current holistic practitioner looking to expand their knowledge!!


Ashley Jones

Aspen Eastman

Studio Host & Co-Trainer

Aspen is a Master Reiki Healer and Teacher (RMT), a Flower Essence Practitioner, and a long time Yoga Teacher (RYT 500).  She received her yoga certification from the Association of Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh, India.


Lisa Rose

Hardeep Singh Khalsa

Guest Presenter

Mantra, Scripture & Sikhism

Hardeep Singh is a dedicated Sikh who has spent most of his life in the shadow of the Golden Temple. From a young age, he began his training in the ancient Sikh Martial Arts (Gatka), the learning of Gurbani (sacred writings of the Sikh Gurus), and the interpretations of the Guru’s wisdom by many saints and learned meditators. Growing up immersed in such a unique and rich background in Sikhism has provided him with the opportunities to serve a variety of people from around the world, many of which found him at the Golden Temple. 
He has worked alongside Newsweek, Oxford University Graduates through United Sikhs, and has facilitated tours and spiritual Yatras for over 15 years, serving as a bridge between the East and West. 

Don Francis

Nina Mongendre-Samonov

Guest Presenter

NeuroEmotional Science

Not only a Kundalini Teacher, Nina is a certified Neurological Empowerment Coach by the Center for Emotional Education, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner (with the Four Winds Institute) and a Family Constellations and Inherited Family Trauma facilitator.

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