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Let's Get Personal

Hi! I'm Ong Kar Dev and here's the real deal:


My love of mind body practices began in 2003, luckily at the impressionable age of 18, when I was introduced to Martial Arts. I eventually received my black belt in Ed Parker American Kenpo & trained in various other arts along the way. Even though I had great discipline in my training, I endured a period of heavy pain killer addiction. After hitting the proverbial ‘wall’ and going through a subsequent rehab program I was guided to a Vinyasa Yoga Studio in July of 2008. This was the beginning of my Yogic path. About 4 years into the physical practice I yearned for more. Through a little spiritual luck I was able to attend a Teacher Training at my home studio. The program introduced me to several distinct lineages of Yoga, one of them being Kundalini Yoga. I fell madly in love. It was different, it was freakin’ hard, it was insanely bizarre, it was ALL I ever wanted. It provided the clarity, the peace, the deep prayer within that I had longed for and it gave it to me quickly. Much to my surprise, most of my fellow teacher trainees didn’t have the same experience of our Kundalini weekend. They were not pleased to say the least and rebelled against it. This is when I realized Kundalini is for everybody, but not everybody is for Kundalini. 


After graduation I began dabbling in the technology, but it wasn’t until my first white tantric yoga experience in 2013  that I truly committed to the practice. There were of course moments of doubts, lack of practice, pressures of society and all the normal human stuff, but it’s been the glue that has held my life together.


After a particularly rough patch of life I again received some spiritual luck and in October of 2014 I was able to travel to the heart of India where I took refuge with the Bhakti Yogis for 3 weeks. It was there I learned Yoga without devotion is like the Yin without the Yang. It just doesn’t make sense. Although I follow no Guru or claim to know the absolute truth I am a practicing Bhakti devotee that utilizes Kundalini Yoga to stay present within myself to always stand strong within my own truth. We all need something to bow to. So everyday without fail I meditate. I chant. I pray. I bow.


My path is clear. My dharma has always been to teach. It is in that spirit that I share these gifts of Bhakti & Kundalini Yoga with you. It is an true honor and a blessing to have you on this journey with me! There is nothing I love more!!

Many Blessings!

I look forward to practicing with you!

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