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"The creative potential of the man"   


Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic class designed for the busy human who craves balance between their material and 

spiritual world. We all need to prioritize recharging and rejuvenating the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. The constant stimulation we all face throughout our day clogs our essence and detracts from our divine purpose. Kundalini is an immediate way to not only clear the mental fog, but to provide a sense of mental clarity and gives you the freedom to be happy.

 Each class consists of a prescribed Kriya (complete action), relaxation and meditation. We utilize sustained movements of the body to circulate prana (life force energy) and change the (stuck) energy patterns in the body. A different experience, appropriate for all levels  - beginners always welcome!


Traditional Kundalini apparel (all white) welcomed, though certainly not required. Come prepared to move, chant, laugh and have direct experience that is like no other.

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